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Product Details
Product Details
  The Wing-T Offense: An Offensive Line Manual
LP243 The Wing-T Offense: An Offensive Line Manual
The Wing-T Offense has long been one of footballs most unpredictable, tough-to-stop offenses. This information-packed 16-page Special Coaching Report highlights some of the Wing-T Offenses most powerful plays, as well as takes an in-depth look at the blocking schemes and responsibilities for the offensive line. Youll get critical information on explosive, game-tested Wing-T plays such as the buck sweep, the buck off-tackle slam, the guard trap, the gut, the waggle, waggle shuffle and much more! Plus, youll get offensive line drills that reinforce the blocking techniques utilized on each of the plays. Youll also get a detailed description of an innovative offensive-line play-calling system that allows O-linemen the freedom to read the defense and clearly communicate blocking assignments to one another while at the line of scrimmage! This is a highly-technical, must-have report for offensive coaches at any level and for any coach whos team has to defend a Wing-T Offense at some time during a season.

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