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Product Details
  Wing-T From The Shotgun: Part 2
LP287 Wing-T From The Shotgun: Part 2
The Wing-T offense is an extremely difficult for opposing defenses to prepare and game plan for. In part 2 of this best-selling series from Gridiron Strategies, youll get a complete look at utilizing the shotgun in the Wing-T. Part 2 covers a wide range of wing-T shotgun topics including 3-step variations, 3-step variations from trips, the Down Iso, QB Down Right, Weak Trap Right, QB Weak Trap Right, Long Trap Right, Trap Option, Power Right, sprint-out blocking rules, Counter XX, Jet Sweep Right, FB Trap, Belly Plays, Shuffle Passes and Sweeps. With over 100 play diagrams and detail descriptions for player assignments and responsibilities, this is a must-have report for any coach who not only is interested in the wing-t from the shotgun, but its perfect for defensive coaches who want to get an inside look at stopping this highly unpredictable offense!

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