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Product Details
Product Details
  Defending The Red Zone
LP192 Defending The Red Zone
When your opponent is nearing the goal line, it’s time for your defense to buckle down and stop them in their tracks! This 8-page Special Coaching Report breaks down all the concepts and theories that are critical to having defensive success in the red zone. With a detailed analysis of what offenses like to do the red-zone, you’ll be able to immediately implement these game-tested strategies into your own defensive game plan. Check out a complete overview on red-zone play calling, red-zone formations, substitution patterns, defensive and offensive attitudes in the red zone, how offenses attack from each red-zone hash mark, red zone trick plays, receiver routes in the red zone, offensive use of play-action in the red zone and much more! This report is also a must-have for any offensive coach who’s looking to fine tune his red-zone attack. Football is a chess match of moves and countermoves. Make your team more explosive in the red zone on both sides of the ball with this great report!

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